“As a provider of accommodation services to the Home Office since 2000, our contracts cover London, the South of England and Wales. We don’t just provide accomodation, we also deliver transportation services, repairs and maintenance and safeguarding support for residents. We also work closely with non-government organisations, local voluntary groups, statutory services, local authorities and landlords to ensure the properties are fully compliant and the welfare of the residents is closely managed.

Ready Homes also provides accommodation services to other organisations and continues to develop its business across central and local government as well as the charitable sector.”

Group Managing Director – Clearsprings Group

“As one of the largest providers of housing to the Home Office we’re committed to delivering not only value for our customer, but also a far more sustainable and innovative housing solution that complements their ambitions for the future. The welfare and safeguarding of our residents is at the heart of our business, and is the key focus when delivering our services. We actively seek regular feedback from our customers and residents and use their experiences to help us shape our services and deliver continuous improvement.”

Managing Director – Clearsprings Ready Homes Ltd

Clearsprings Ready Homes has a long history of delivering services to a diverse range of residents through contracts with local and central government that offer compliance and value for money. Our staff, systems and processes are essential in ensuring that we can provide an environment where the resident is at the centre of everything we do. We work in partnership with local and national stakeholders to assist in the support and integration of our residents, as well as providing vital input into our continuous improvement process.